Finnish scientists have developed a test to death

Finnish scientists have introduced a new diagnostic method for determining die outwardly healthy people in the next five years or not. The analysis is carried out on the composition of the blood.

In the first stage, the researchers examined the blood of 17 thousand people. Each participant of the experiment was observed for five years. In the blood was determined over a hundred chemicals. As a result, scientists have identified four major biological marker, which suggests a high risk of death in the near future.

Independent research conducted and Estonian scientists. The results were similar: of the 10 thousand for five years died 508, were identified as markers. Note that the studies were conducted in parallel, and the scientists did not expect that the results coincide.

It is necessary to explain about such notion as a biological marker. This particular chemical substance is determined in a biological fluid and is somewhat a guarantee for a certain pathology. The world well-known markers of inflammation, cancer, and now, and death.

The opening will allow doctors used to determine the presence of disease and save the patient from it.

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