Find settlements of Neanderthals in Spain could change history

According to the world-famous Agency RIA "Novosti" in the city of Segovia, which is located in the North-West of Madrid, Spain scientists-archaeologists during excavations revealed a settlement of primitive people, who are the direct ancestors of the local population. During the excavations there were found the remains of settlements of Neanderthals, items used in everyday life and work tools made of stone. Approximate age settlement equal to sixty thousand years.

At the moment, found a total of 11 levels of settlement. According to preliminary data, three of them have traces of human habitation.

The work of archaeologists will continue until July 27.

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This finding could change history, because up to this point it was believed that life on the Iberian Peninsula originated during the Chalcolithic period, which is approximately four and a half thousand years ago. Since the age of Neanderthal settlement exceeds sixty thousand years, this may indicate the existence of man on the island during the late Paleolithic.

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