Films with 3-D improves brain function – research

Scientists from Thrill Laboratory and Goldsmiths College conducted an experiment involving 100 people. The subjects were divided into two groups. The first group watched the movie "City of heroes" in three-dimensional mode, the second in traditional 2D. After watching the scientists conducted a series of tests to gauge reaction, cognitive functions and reactions of the volunteers. About it writes The Daily Mail.

The results indicated some differences in the two groups. After watching the movie in 3D speed evaluation of information increased by 23%, the reaction decreased by 11%. Scientists suggest, periodic viewing three-dimensional movies are good for the brain, it helps in the prevention of cognitive impairment.

In the second experiment while watching the movies, scientists are connected to the brain of volunteers scanning device. The three-dimensionality enhanced the activity of the brain by 7% compared with the same film in 2-D. apparently three-dimensional image causes the person to believe in the reality of what is happening and dip it into the story completely.

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