Film-implant will replace the regular intake of painkillers

Patients with chronic pain should always take painkillers for a comfortable life. According to statistics, every fourth person suffering from constant pain, can not completely rely on pills with anti-inflammatory drugs, says Medical News Today.

Nanotechnology has enabled the development of film-implant. The film consists of poly-L-glutamic acid, which is applied to molecules of the active substance. Embedding the film in the human body, you can forget about the regular pill.

Used a new technology: the cure lies not in cells, and in the layers between the organic matter. This allows you to increase the uniformity of the receipt of the medication in the body and increase the life of the film.

In the future, the film will be applied to particles traveling in the area of damage. Orthopedists suggest that the development can be used when installing orthopedic implants. The volume of the anesthetic and life of the film depends solely number of layers.

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Interestingly, instead of painkillers, you can use drugs against tuberculosis. It is quite possible that the world will get a new form of the drug against the disease.

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