Fight with the autumn Blues with the help of movements, delicious food and sex

To overcome seasonal attack autumn depression, psychologists recommend people to get vivid emotions, active sports, eat healthy food and, of course, to have sex. This treatment promotes the head of the Center for behavioral neuroscience Institute of the human brain name Bechtereva, Professor Leonid Sensitively.

The doctor explains, autumn always aggravated neuropsychiatric disorders. This happens for many reasons, which, together, cause damage to the psyche.

To defeat anxiety and stress, use the rule of four F. Food (food) - try in this period regularly have pampered those dishes that you love. The second f is a movement (feed), you need to do sports, go to the gym or pool. Battle (fight), is the third f, make your life bright emotions, let life be full of meaning. To find and reach your goals, fight! And the last point program for the prevention of autumn melancholy, in the opinion of the therapist is having sex. All people are different, and not everything depends on our choice. For example, to stop being nervous to meet with unpleasant or rude people, Sensitively advises to represent them in the cage of the zoo. To reduce anxiety and calm you can try the following way: imagine that you put the right hand in a container filled with warm water. This technique will help to shift attention and to distract from unpleasant experiences.

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