Fight facial wrinkles

Women, as a rule, very emotionally and vividly Express their feelings. In this case someone uses loud speech, someone expressive gestures, but in any case, each positive or negative emotion finds expression on her face. Mimicry involuntarily betrays the inner psycho-emotional state, leaving the face creases and folds every time in the same places. They are the origins of the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Small wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, on the nose and around the mouth can be detected even on the faces of young women. And this does not mean that their appearance has signs of aging. It's just facial wrinkles, which some people have even in childhood. Owners of expressive and moving individuals, they occur much more frequently.

Fortunately, modern science and cosmetology is not standing still. Today women can afford to grin, plenty to laugh and even cry, of course, with joy, while remaining beautiful and enchanting.

Botox against mimic wrinkles

Today against mimic wrinkles gained great popularity efficient and simple method of injection of Botox. During this procedure, the muscle injected the drug, which consists of the botulinum toxin. This allows you to block the transmission to the muscle fibers of nerve impulses. In this locally-paralyzing effects of the drug defeated injection effect of the mimic muscles of the face immobilizers, relax.

In this procedure, a minimum of contraindications and side effects. Its safety and effectiveness is proven by experts. The drug begins to act immediately after the introduction, but the maximum effect can be observed only in a couple of weeks after the procedure. To do Botox again through three to four months, when the time of action of the drug.

Peeling facial wrinkles

Modern beauty salons to combat facial wrinkles customers can offer a variety of peels, which allow you to deeply cleanse the skin, improve metabolism, blood circulation, to restore power to the cells to increase the synthesis of collagen. The course of treatment can make the skin much smoother.

Less radical ways to remove facial wrinkles

When the first wrinkles, even mimic, it is important to begin a special preventive therapy. It is advisable to take for a rule in the morning, wash with cool water, then apply a face moisturizer. From time to time it is necessary to use scrubs and peels, to make nourishing mask.

Self-massage is also an effective remedy for facial wrinkles. To improve the condition of the skin is daily for five minutes to Pat with fingertips to areas prone to the formation of wrinkles. You can use for this purpose a special roller massagers.

In cosmetic shops have high-quality creams and masks from well-known brands that have proven their effectiveness in the fight against mimic wrinkles.

Unfortunately, from the formation of facial wrinkles no one is immune, but their appearance can be the maximum delay, and successfully fight for the smoothness of the skin.

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