Fibrous breast disease - causes, symptoms, treatment

Mastitis is a common condition that can suddenly burst into life of any woman. Most of the ladies are already accustomed to the presence of seals and in the formulation of appropriate diagnosis not give it a special value. To consider this disease a norm is absolutely not acceptable. In consequence of the fibrous mastopathy is affected midorikawa connective tissue, narrowing gaps or fully clogged ducts of the mammary glands.


Often fibrous form of mastitis occurs due to the hormonal imbalance that occurs on the background of the development of thyroid disease or liver disease, chronic nervous tension, stress. The disease may also cause frequent or failed abortion, genetic predisposition.


Typically, the symptoms of fibrous mastopathy mammary glands are quite pronounced. Have some lumps in the breast, pain, axillary lymph nodes increase, and from the nipple may appear in the selection. Appear these symptoms, as a rule, during menstruation or during premenstrual period.

Most often, the breast is detected at the next reception at the gynecologist or when a random survey. Women, as a rule, do not hurry to check to mammologu, so the dynamics of the development of tumors to trace, often not possible.


In the treatment of fibrous mastopathy, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the root cause that caused the development of the disease. First of all, measures to eliminate irregularities in the functioning of the glands of internal secretion. The development of tumors is possible only through a comprehensive impact on a woman's body.

Patients are prescribed hormonal drugs. If the effect from conservative treatment does not appear, in very rare cases may require surgical intervention. The specialist decides on surgery only when all methods of treatment are ineffective or futile.

To avoid the serious consequences caused by the development of mastitis, need to self breast examination, and not to ignore the mandatory medical examinations. Be healthy!

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