Fiber creates a feeling of satiety

A vegetarian dish allow for long time to forget about the hunger. Scientists explain what it involves. As it turned out, that fiber and vegetable proteins create a feeling of fullness. In the result, I want to eat less. One of the most effective products for weight loss experts call the beans.

Note that heavy protein foods, such as red meat, such effect is not. In the experiment, volunteers were asked to eat a regular hamburger or a vegetarian alternative of legumes. After a vegetable diet the volunteers were over-fed, the next meal they ate 12% fewer calories. Apparently, a large amount of fiber in the diet really helps in losing weight.

Vegetarianism is one way of losing weight, says The Daily Mail. However, to follow the diet is necessary for any type of food. Only by eliminating bad fats and fast carbs, you can run a catabolic process aimed at splitting their own fat.

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