Female ureaplasmosis: symptoms and treatment

The ureaplasmosis is common. Symptoms of infection usually sparse. But the treatment of Ureaplasma women problem, disturbing patients and their doctors. How to treat a ureaplasmosis women look in this article.

When should I see a doctor?

1) When there is marked inflammation of the organs. In this case, the treatment of Ureaplasma must be immediate;

2) When women reveal Ureaplasma, without clinical manifestations, in most cases, treatment with antibiotics is not assigned. But it may be mandatory;

3) When the sexual partner has a disease caused by the causative agent of anaplasmosis;

4) When the change of the sexual partner treatment available epidemiological evidence, the purpose of which is to prevent contamination of the partner;

5) When planning pregnancy. Otherwise untreated the disease can cause many complications not until gestation and ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms of anaplasmosis in women

Symptoms of anaplasmosis similar to the signs of most of the inflammatory processes. Thus from the vagina out clear discharge, sore lower abdomen and each urination accompanied by pain and a burning sensation. Usually patients do not pay these symptoms due attention. But it's wrong. Advanced disease can lead to inflammation of the vagina and uterus, the formation of adhesions. This can cause pathology in the development of the fetus during pregnancy or infertility.

Treatment of anaplasmosis in women

Female ureaplasmosis treated with antibacterial drugs from the group of tetracyclines or macrolides. Treatment is complicated by the fact that the disease reduces the effectiveness of drugs. There is also evidence that the most popular antibiotic, prescribed for the Ureaplasma, doxycycline has lost its former efficiency. But now the tool is applied unsuccessfully. Antibiotic treatment may not last more than five days.

For effective treatment of a ureaplasmosis need:

1) Treatment not only women, but also her partner;

2) To avoid re-infections are excluded sex throughout the course of treatment;

3) do Not permit alcohol at the time of treatment;

4) Verify successful treatment one month later.

Treatment of anaplasmosis in women should be treated seriously. To facilitate the recovery may overall increase immunity and diet, eliminating fatty and spicy food.

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