Female sexual dysfunction: facts and factors

Dr. moon Shalima Jahan and the team conducted a cross-sectional study of 137 women, in order to determine the main sexual dysfunction that face women.

More than half of women (51.8%) have experienced one or more sexual problems. A common problem is pain during sexual intercourse (71,8%), second place - decreased libido (54,9%). Next on the list followed by problems with obtaining the climax of pleasure (43, 7 percent) and sexual excitation (32.4 percent).

Researchers have identified a correlation between a woman's age, stress, regularity of menopause and sexual dysfunction. In other words, scientists have identified three major risk factor for sexual dysfunction: 1) the age of the woman, 2) dysmenorrhea is a violation of the monthly cycle of women, 3) stress and mental stress.

This study is a pioneer in the field identify key factors dysfunction female sexuality. Knowing the main risk factors you can control the process and to provide the necessary advice to women who are faced with impaired sexual function.

Source: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research

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