Female hysteria healthy

The results of a study of a group of scientists from the USA showed that female hysteria positively affect their health. These studies showed that those women who give vent to their negative emotions and anger in the form of hysteria live much longer than those of girls who are experiencing negative emotions in silence and alone.

The research was started quite a while ago: almost ten years ago. During this time, it managed to take about two thousand women. These studies showed that any disease of the cardiovascular system is directly dependent on how a woman behaves during a family quarrel.

Restraint in this case can have negative consequences, because the risk of premature death is increased four times. The analysis after the burst of emotion showed hormonal change, what is the possible reason that restrained women live, on average, less than emotional.

At the same time, the medicine does not cease to be regarded as a manifestation of hysteria diagnosis. Tantrums are varying degrees of severity, and yet contribute to the development of mental illness. The word "hysteria" is meant any emotional reaction women: cry, the tears, the laughter, convulsions, and such a manifestation of emotions.

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