Female hormonal contraception and increased risk of HIV

Use of hormonal contraceptive women are about twice as likely to become infected with HIV and transmit AIDS to your partner, to such conclusions came the study, the researchers from the University of Washington.

The study was conducted among 3790 heterosexual couples in Africa, in which one partner was infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, and second to none.

According to the results of observation pairs within 18 months of 167 persons were infected, 73 of whom were women. The prevalence of HIV in couples where women used hormonal contraception, was of 6.61 per 100 persons per year, compared with of 3.78 per 100 people in pairs, where he guarded otherwise. The rate of spread of infection from men to women using hormonal contraception were 2,61 compared with a rate of 1.51 per 100 people in pairs without hormonal contraception.

This study is the first large-scale, dedicated to the influence of hormonal contraception on HIV.

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