Female hands more attractive for development of microorganisms

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado, found that female hands halfway there more bacteria than men. Every day, at work and at home, men and women use furniture and other household items, which are collected dirt.

The study found that women's hands are the best habitat for all sorts of germs. The arms of men in this situation are less comfortable, because the skin of the men has a higher acidity. Gender differences manifest themselves in this situation, as the use of cosmetics and hormones in women plays a role. Cosmetics make the skin of a woman's hands more sweaty and greasy.

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The study found that at the hands of both men and women is more bacteria than previously thought. Quite interesting is the fact that hand washing has no effect on the number of microbes. On the palm of a person there are 150 different bacteria species, of which only 17 percent occurs on both hands.

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