Female breast large size creates problems, doctors say

With each decade the average size of female Breasts steadily creeping up. This thesis is proved by scientists, and now they say one thing - this trend negatively affects the health of women, according to agentsto The Daily Mail.

Florence William States: "currently, the breast in women begins to develop much earlier due to changes that occur in biological processes. In addition, the volume of the chest along with the waist also increase. Such transformations have a direct relationship with the growth of alarming indicators of breast cancer".

Statistical data from the USA show: just for only one generation in America, the average bra size has increased from 34B to 36C. Here, as it turned out, all because of the excess weight that can cause breast cancer after menopause. In addition to the above - girls puberty occurs much earlier than ever. This factor also significantly increases the risk of "finding" of oncological diseases.

About 15% of American women today, breast development begins already at the age of seven. But since 1940, the prevalence of cancer has grown two times (one in eight women suffer from the disease of breast cancer).

The breast tissue is extremely suffer from substances polluting the environment. Compounds such as mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls are deposited in adipose tissue, and it "leaks" into breast milk. This implies that breastfeeding today has become extremely dangerous. Analysis of milk showed that there are traces of perchlorate, in other words, a component contained in the fuel for jet engines, as well as various refractory compounds.

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