Female alcoholism: myths and reality

Heady properties of the drinks people have known for a long time, however, it took a long time before the invention of pure alcohol. Since it began to be called "alcohol" (intoxicating). So why are so many people drinking? Scientists from all over the world agree that alcohol dependence is caused by the brain, its ability to produce so-called neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins), they run the processes at the cell level. But one thing alcoholism men, another for women. It is more terrible and destructive.

There are several statements concerning women's dependence.

Neizlechimoj female alcoholism. For narcologists there is no difference between deliverance from addiction in men and women. Alcoholism treatment occurs equally for men and women, complexity and duration of treatment depends on the stage of alcoholism, and not from the floor.

Sexy drunk ladies. Feeling sexually attractive and liberated woman in drunk, and the lack of such quality sober, indicates the presence of complexes. So the drunk woman only liberates and nothing more.

Women's health based almost irreparable lost. Alcohol can have damaging effects not only on the liver, but also on the hormonal system in General, so over time these women to a lesser extent produces estrogen (female hormone) and it becomes masculine.

Alcoholism is a strictly male disease. Men often do not hide their bias, however, most dependent women try not to flaunt your alcoholism. And the more terrible the fact that many mothers suffer from this disease.

Women quickly fall into the trap of alcohol dependence. It's true, one hundred percent. By nature women are more emotional creatures, so dependent are much faster than men. I'll give a stronger dependence on the mental state and psychological comfort.

Alcoholism is dangerous, primarily because it is very easy to become dependent not noticing when the line is already crossed, and return it is difficult to achieve. Alcohol, unfortunately, became a constant companion of our lives, and often we can not determine the measure of liquor. The addiction even exists such a thing as "a Wake-up call" when an alcoholic intoxicated commits some act that he would never have done sober (stealing, fighting, etc.,) and if at this moment miss such an act, to escape from alcoholism is almost impossible.

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