Female alcoholism and withdrawal from binge

Already alcoholism has ceased to be an exclusively male problem. Unfortunately, this addiction has become an integral part of life for some women. Female causes of alcoholism can be diverse, genetic predisposition, and personal problems and so on.

The percentage of water content in the female body is somewhat lower than men's, so the concentration of alcohol in her blood increases soon enough, so she gets drunk faster.

As increases the degree of addiction to strong drinks for women, but changed her mental state. Ultimately, personality degradation - the woman begins to show aggression and irritability, a list of Hobbies is significantly reduced, she suffers from insomnia. Among other things, decreases efficiency. Alcohol becomes the meaning of life, it cannot exist without it a single day, all this leads to will do it.

Booze is continuous alcohol consumption, which is accompanied by symptoms of hangover and various types of poisoning - headache, vomiting, and so on. Despite feeling unwell during the binge, the desire to drink alcohol in women does not disappear. Another portion of the alcohol is already considered as a remedy for a hangover. The term binge can last from several days to several months.

There is no doubt that alcohol causes significant adverse health effects. And if during a binge woman stops to watch the amount of alcohol she drank, it can come even death.

The output from the back should be carried out comprehensively. Narcologists to do this effectively combine coding techniques from "the green serpent" and conduct psychotherapy of alcoholism.

At home for the treatment of binge physicians also used the method, which is based on the use of drugs. There are several kinds: the first is to restore the water-electrolyte balance (gemodez, Trisol, glucose), the second is aimed at the treatment of headache and elimination of nausea and vomiting. The third type of drugs contributes to the restoration work of the cardiovascular system, normalization of heart rate and blood pressure.

In addition, the patient should receive a dose of sleeping pills for rest and recuperation.

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If we are talking about long binge, then the woman should undergo treatment in a hospital, under the supervision of professionals.

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