Feeding your baby through the power of the cause of obesity in the future

American experts found that parents should not force their kids to eat all the food on the plates - is, thus, they can provoke a obesity in later life.

A group of specialists from the University of Minnesota came to these conclusions based on observations of 2200 adolescents and parents 3500. It turned out that the highest risk of occurrence of excess weight affected those children, whose mothers and fathers in early childhood were forced to eat anything I give, at that time, which they have chosen. The cause of other problems, as scientists have found, is that as a result of this practice, the child loses the ability to perceive signals of the body of saturation. Because of this, these children thicket overeat and therefore gain excess weight.

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In the course of work, experts have found out several interesting facts. So, for the last 10 years the amount of servings for children became more and there through the power of kids often make no mothers and fathers.

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