Feeding children with spoons increases the likelihood of obesity in them

Obesity is a global problem faced by every third citizen of a developed country. Scientists are trying to determine the mechanisms of development of obesity and effectively able to prevent it

Before it became known that feeding children with spoons can increase the risk of obesity among them. The child is not always able to determine the degree of satiety and continues to be delicious food, writes The Daily Mail. The best option is to switch to an independent power immediately after exiting from the milk.

Independent control of the process allows you to avoid overeating and to teach the child to control your appetite. In the future it will help him to develop an efficient feeding behavior.

The data were confirmed after the experience involving two groups of children. The first group ate alone, the second group was fed with a spoon of baby food. Only the study involved 298 children aged up to one year.

After 1.5-2 years after the experiment, the scientists measured the height and weight of children. It turned out that among children from the first group, is able to eat independently, weight rarer than among children from the second group.

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