Features sugar hair removal

How important it is for women, so her skin was smooth and soft. How long she is willing to spend to achieve the desired result. This applies not only to the skin of the face, neck and hands. Most importantly, to have smooth legs. Then the question arises: to shave or defilirovat.

The most common method of removing unwanted hair, of course, is shaving. Minus this procedure that it is necessary to go quite often. This leads to irritation. And not only the skin, but also nerves.

What can you do? To find the most suitable option. For example, to refer to the old way - sugaring or waxing sugar.

They say that this method was used by Cleopatra herself.

So what are the advantages of sugaring? First, the mixture should not be hot, and therefore will not be discomfort and burns. Secondly, during the procedure are removed and very short hairs! Thirdly, this tool is an environmentally friendly product. Fourthly, it is inexpensive and available. And does not need expert help.

Recipe sugar mixture to the following: 10 tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of water and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to cook over low heat, stirring constantly until complete solidification. After cooling should get a lot similar to a soft caramel.

Before you begin the procedure of dailyroutine, it is necessary to degrease the skin, for example, using soap. Then dry and sprinkle talcum powder.

To remove the hair in several ways. For example, to dazzle the ball, and roll it over the skin. Or apply the mixture on the skin and a strip of fabric to rip the hairs against their growth. And yet, take the mixture with your fingers and slap it against the hair growth to the skin and pull on the contrary, in the direction of growth.

When the procedure is finished, the remains will be easily removed with water. Skin will be soft and silky, like after peeling.

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Try this method once, many women chose it.

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