Features power baby up to a year

The most useful food for your baby is still breastfeeding moms. If earlier the doctors were advised to accustom the child to more food after the first two weeks of life (by adding the juice drop by drop) today, many disagree with this. If the baby is fed breast milk and it is enough to add to his diet of complementary foods from six months. If the child is fed a special formula for a fortnight earlier.

A child's diet at 6 months. Start complementary foods with vegetable puree. You can also start feeding porridge, cereal should be put through the grinder. At the first baits give the child on a tea spoon of new dishes, then immediately decemlineata milk. He will gradually get used to the new taste sensations. Portion of mashed mustn't exceed 100-150 mg.

The child nutrition in 7 months. To this period of a child's life you can begin typing in the power plant fats and proteins. Preparing soups for a child, start adding on fourth of a teaspoon of egg white or vegetable oil.

A child's diet in 8 months. It is time for fruit. You can give either a puree or in kind. You can enter milk products yogurt and cheese will be to the taste of your child.

Feeding a child at 9 months. It's time to introduce meat in the diet of the baby. Start with meats, which is not greasy and will easily digest the stomach of the child. Good rabbit and Turkey. You can also try the beef. Special meat sauce in canned goods for kids are also suitable.

A child's diet at 10 months. Constantly stick to the meat menu. Every day a child needs to get the meat. For a variety of one day a week you can enter fish diet. ask the kid soup. Gradually offer him berries, pumpkin, cookies.

A child's diet at 11 months. Sour cream, fresh herbs, butter, cereals. Not to doubt the quality of the greens you can grow it on the window of the house.

The child nutrition in 12 months. Cook the baby to independent feeding, without breast milk. Start typing in the child's diet special baby milk and juice. Well that at this time the juice was diluted 1 to 1 with water.

In some ancient peoples was considered the most nutritious food for your baby it is breast milk. Therefore, the child could eat them even up to 4 years. Of course, the most useful is breast milk, but the mother must be properly and timely complementary feeding of the child, helping him to start to eat on their own.

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