Features of treatment of female alcoholism

A disease such as alcoholism has long ceased to be only a male problem. Statistics show that from such a disorder suffer and many women. Despite this, female alcoholism in some way different from the male.

Signs and symptoms

In the process of alcoholism observed these symptoms:

• a sense of necessity or need for alcohol;

• lost control after the start of drinking, it is impossible to stop;

• there is often physical dependence, it may be nausea, sweating, feeling of anxiety. Such symptoms occur after stopping the use of alcoholic beverages;

• a desire to increase the dose of alcohol consumed at one time.

Based on the statistics of developed countries, the most accurate is the us statistics. Thus, among the 15 million people suffer from alcohol dependence approximately 4.6 million of the female, which is about 1/3.

Treatment methods

As the researchers note, it is easier for women to cure alcoholism than men. Experts say the success of treatment in almost all existing methods, which also include the encoding of alcohol addiction and rational psychotherapy.

Despite this, such treatment should be performed only under the strict supervision of experts, who take into account the effect of the disease on women's health. Most often assigned complex method of treatment.

Many studies show that a successful outcome of treatment of alcoholism in women is also dependent on the environment. For example, if the family or among friends there are several people suffering from such disease, the risk of returning alcoholism several times increases.

It should also be noted that the female belong to struggle with this addiction more seriously. It is much easier given the change of lifestyle and learning new Hobbies or other activities, which can replace the addiction to alcohol.

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According to the forecasts of the problem of alcoholism women will periodically grow, so you need to be extremely attentive to the behavior of their relatives and friends, in order not to miss the initial symptoms of this disease. The main time to seek help from a specialist, as further consequences will be much worse that will affect the duration and effectiveness of treatment.

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