Features of the psychology of teenage 16 years

Sixteen-year-old teenager is the most difficult challenge for parents. This age has defined the term "hard" as applied to adolescents in General. All antagonistic contradictions and complexity of adolescence result in this time, as from a cornucopia. Only manage the "straw to spread to those whose parents are still children, not stuffed too many cones.

However, according to many professionals, who survived this difficult period of his life, the difficulty of this age is primarily due to the fact that the teenager is difficult to fit their new size (and not only physical parameters) in the world.

Sixteen-year-old is incredibly difficult to come to terms with a new type is not a child but not quite an adult. There are the following characteristic features 16-year-olds:

at the level of consciousness they have actively formed worldview, while sustainable "concept of self" is already fully formed, resulting in the evaluation of the surrounding 16-year-old has little concern;

- in part of cognitive activity at this age begin to form professional interests, skills appear to control other people until provocations;

- increases the need for a cohesive group of people United by common interests, for this age is characterized cases of mass demonstrations and protests against anything;

- the authority of parents is reduced to a minimum, and not the fault of the adults, and as the result of certain processes with teenagers at the age of 16;

- formation of sexuality and their own views on the problems with these associated, reaches its final stage;

the only positive for parents: adolescents at the age of 16 become more balanced emotionally, it is more consistent and not as impulsive as before.

Thus, the main problems and difficulties are listed. It remains only to determine how to overcome these problems with the lowest for both sides ' losses.

The most simple and effective tool that helps in this situation is keeping a diary. In this cherished notebook teenager often records everything that happens to him, and further has the ability to analyze all this information, pushing her away for some distance in time. Often, this method helps to see their own mistakes and in the future not to repeat.

The best gift 16-year-old is a beautifully decorated diary, planner, complemented with an elegant handle in the same style. But seriously, everything in this series, parents need it so that they, in turn, began to relate to what is happening sometimes unpleasant moments in their relationships with adolescents from the perspective warned about all the possible pitfalls and shoals pilot, that can lead family boat through all the storms and troubles in coveted Harbor established and friendly relations.

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