Features of metal-ceramic prosthesis

In our time cermets considered to be the best option prosthetics, relieving people from the discomfort of missing teeth. Low cost crowns porcelain fused to metal is now available to almost everyone.

Metal construction for teeth is the frame metal base, over which is deposited a thin layer coating of ceramics. Simply put, the tooth is metal and heavy-duty, and apparently merges with the rest of the teeth.

The production process from porcelain fused to metal crowns is quite complex and technology-intensive. Each tooth is made by the whole group of high-class professionals.

The technological process of production of metal-ceramic crowns

First doctor (orthopedist) makes casts of the number of teeth of the patient. Based on these casts will be made crowns.Then he prepares the item-turning, on top of which will be planted their crown porcelain fused to metal. For the convenience of the patient at the time of manufacture of the cermet him wear a temporary crown made of plastic.

Meanwhile techniques produce a model of stationary crown. The calculation takes also tooth form and color.

Features installation

Holding the prosthesis, the doctor sets all causes of tooth loss and after that provides prevention, aimed to save teeth that remained.

Orthopedist, setting a crown made of metal, tell the client about how to take care of her.Excluded when setting the damage to the gums. The tooth becomes just and anywhere in the mouth. It does not cause any discomfort to the host. All the people who have prosthetics, quickly acquire the habit of his new teeth and talking about maximum comfort in wearing.

Of course, everything is directly dependent on the professionalism of the doctor, directly performing prosthetic work. The cost of this service often reflects the status of the dental clinic. So, if you are offered a very cheap service prosthetics, try to find out what savings will be achieved. Because of high-quality crowns will depend on the quality of your life.

Usually in dental clinics met the optimal "price-quality" cermets. Experienced professionals and advanced materials already helped hundreds of people get new teeth.

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