Features of LPG massage

LPG massage is a special lipomassage, allowing you to burn fat.

The methodology of LPG massage is based on a special device called LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule. The result is to achieve a positive influence on the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat. The effect is achieved through a special motorized rollers that can rotate in the directions identified by the specialist. LPG massage can reduce the volume of the body and also get rid of fat, because it is characterized by lipolysis. In addition, can be achieved the effect of lymphatic drainage, which removes excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue. During LPG massage can be achieved stimulation, causing the fat cells become smaller, the circulation is restored and the skin becomes elastic. Due to these effects, the technique becomes useful even in the fight against cellulite, regardless of its type and stage of development. It is important to note that LPG massage differs a normalizing effect on the nervous system, regenerating effect on the skin, connective tissue, and muscle structure.

The procedure must be performed on the whole body. The duration may be forty-five minutes. LPG massage must be executed twice - three times a week. One course may include from ten to twelve sessions. The number of treatments is determined individually, because it all depends on the condition of the human body. More than half of the patients the results become noticeable after six to ten treatments. In order to achieve good results, LPG massage should be performed in accordance with the regulations, and therefore rules of procedure are very important. Before the session, the doctor must know the current health status of the patient, because this will help you understand how to carry out the procedure.

When recommended LPG massage?

1. The extra weight.

2. Local fat deposits.

3. Cellulite.

4. The swelling.

5. The slag.

6. Osteochondrosis.

In some cases it is desirable to refuse to undertake LPG massage?

1. The pregnancy.

2. The stage of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

3. Oncological diseases.

4. Thrombophlebitis.

5. Menstruation.

Massage LPG is unique due to the fact that the problem areas are processed in automatic mode, but you can achieve very good results.

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