Features of facial rejuvenation using plasma-lifting

Of course, every woman wants to always be beautiful and young, and the key to this can be considered a healthy and well-groomed skin. Thanks to modern developments in the field of cosmetology have developed many different methods of preserving skin elasticity and wrinkles.

In recent times it has become very popular this method of rejuvenation, as plasma. It can be considered fairly new, but, nevertheless, it is very effective. This injection of blood plasma of the patient, so the exclusion is impossible, which is another one of the advantages of this procedure.

It is scientifically proved that human blood contains a great potential for combating premature aging of the body, and the plasma can fully utilize the useful properties of blood.

To start the patient takes blood from the vein, then, the resulting blood plasma treated with special equipment, then it becomes enriched with platelets. At the final stage of the procedure the blood plasma is injected into the problem areas of injection. This procedure is quite painless, therefore, does not require anesthesia.Repeat the procedure preferably not more than twice a year, and the results become noticeable after a couple of weeks. The skin becomes more smooth and elastic. The plasma can be considered the most secure method of rejuvenation, since there are natural reserves of its own body.

To perform this procedure, you must choose a good clinic with the necessary licenses and certificates to conduct this activity, because the plasma must be perfectly clean room.

Specific contraindications to carrying out plasma-lifting is not revealed, but, nevertheless, before the procedure, you must consult a beautician.

In addition, it is not recommended to plasma during pregnancy and lactation as well as during exacerbations of infectious diseases.

Plasma does not lead to addiction - if you do not have to repeat this procedure, cells continue to function in its usual mode. Plasma is conducted not only on the face but also the neck neckline. In addition, this method is used to treat baldness.

Plasma is popular and Hollywood stars for example Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and many others regularly resort to this service.

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