Features of dental care during pregnancy

During pregnancy the female body goes through many changes, so it is important that special attention be paid to their health. Because the problems that occur during pregnancy may affect child health. So it is best to check the condition of the body is still at the planning stage of the pregnancy, while special attention should be paid to the condition of the teeth and oral cavity.

Even if you had no problems with the teeth, in the first weeks of pregnancy, you must visit the dentist. Bacteria in the oral cavity is a threat to the female body. In addition, the growing fetus will take away from the female body reserves of calcium, which eventually may lead to the development of caries.

There is a misconception that pregnancy is dangerous to treat teeth. A woman poses a greater danger to our health and the health of the unborn child if not take timely measures to deal with dental problems.

First pregnancy is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity. It is necessary twice a day to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and use a toothpick to remove food residue. During pregnancy you should not whiten your teeth.

Now let's understand what is and what is not in the treatment of teeth with beremennosti. Procedures such as fillings or extractions, quite acceptable. For conducting painful procedures, local anesthesia is used, however, for these purposes, you cannot use preparations containing adrenaline. So be sure to inform your dentist about pregnancy will help him find the right drug. General anesthesia during pregnancy is strictly prohibited.

For filling teeth today are harmless materials, so this procedure is considered completely safe.

If there is a need to do an x-ray, this procedure is best performed with the help of modern equipment. To provide additional protection from exposure, it is necessary to close the chest, abdomen and pelvis using a special fabric.

Dental treatment during pregnancy should be done by an experienced technician, so it is better to contact the clinic with the Cabinet for pregnant women. It is necessary that the doctor knew what drugs is acceptable to use, and which is strictly prohibited.

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During pregnancy must be treated teeth. Importantly, this procedure was completely safe for mom and baby.

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