Features hip joints in our time

Arthroplasty is a surgical operation in which part of the joint that are destroyed by disease, replaced with artificial. Such parts are called term implant.

Arthroplasty in our time it is applied with particular success in the developed world since the 70-ies of the last century. It is noteworthy that only in America each year spend more than 350 thousand operations on the hip joints.

Modern medicine has accumulated a huge experience in the use of arthroplasty in practice. So, was improved design of implants, which today are technically quite complex devices. Produce high-quality implants are only the most developed countries: Germany, UK and USA.

Indications for arthroplasty

It is noteworthy that really properly to determine whether the person arthroplasty, only by a qualified orthopedist - traumatologist. Usually the main reasons that cause the patient to refuse a conservative method of treatment are:

• great difficulties in the life of the patient as a result of severe restrictions of movement in the joint;

• intense pain, who is very difficult to control due to the large doses of painkillers.

Also the indication for arthroplasty are false joints, and hip fractures, which often can be seen in elderly patients.

During the operation damaged by disease of the hip joint is permanently removed from the body. Next to his place the implant. For 5-6 weeks after the surgery around the endoprosthesis is formed special densified capsule, which prevents the dislocation of the implant. To prevent such complications people before the expiration of 6 weeks must follow these restrictions:

• do not rotate the leg toe inward.

• to stay on the healthy side or the back with a pillow, you need to put between the legs;

• do not bend the leg at the joint by more than 90º

After joint replacement is not recommended to squat, run and lift weights.

Rehabilitation after surgery

Usually after arthroplasty patients begin to walk with the help of special "Walker" almost the next day after surgery. After about a week (each patient the time) instead of a Walker, you can start to use crutches. Within 2 weeks after arthroplasty man is in the hospital. At discharge, a former patient already able to walk with crutches.

At home the patient must perform special exercises, which he attributed to the doctor. In addition, you may need to use blood-thinning drugs, because there is a risk of formation of thrombosis for 3-4 weeks after surgery.

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