Features and types of restoration of anterior teeth

Many people dream of the perfect Hollywood smile, but not all of them are holders of front teeth perfect shape. But sometimes I want to smile, showing his perfect teeth and not shyly covering the mouth with the hand in a time when others are laughing loudly.

Fortunately, today's dental clinics experienced professionals practicing for various methods of tooth restoration with the help of which you can make your smile perfect.

Special attention deserves the aesthetic restoration that is virtually painless way to give the teeth a perfect view. The procedure of building, for example, the state of the front teeth can improve in just one dental visit! Within a few minutes the ideal shape is attached to the teeth using photocomposing materials.

When conducting artistic restoration of teeth in the area of a smile using veneers, dental crowns, Lumineers. If restoration requires less than six teeth, the procedure can be completed in one visit. The implantation will take a little more time, as it will be required to complete a number of mandatory surveys and preparatory procedures.

One of the most advanced technologies used to conduct artistic restoration of teeth is to install Hollywood veneers. The thickness of such crowns are significantly less than standard, and is only 0.2 mm Veneers are attached directly to the tooth surface and can be removed at any time if the need arises. By using high quality materials, veneers are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth. They have high transparency and low light reflection.

The application of veneers is shown in the case when not helping ordinary bleaching, and then, when you need visual correction of irregularities of the dentition. Proper selection and installation of veneers will allow you to eliminate unsightly gaps between teeth and to protect enamel against a possible Erasure.

Restoration of teeth can also be direct and indirect. For direct restoration restoration materials used different shades. To perform such operations specialist will take about 4-6 hours.

A more laborious process is art restoration. Specialist first carefully examine the surface of the patient's teeth, puts, where necessary, seals, mounts tabs and pins. Metal tab is on captured after all these manipulasi the cast. This type of restoration is more expensive, because its implementation requires a large amount of expensive materials.

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