Fears during pregnancy - how to stop being nervous

For anybody not a secret how impressionable sometimes there are future mothers. They are able to even place to create any problem and be nervous about it. If inconvenience from such emotional outbursts were only for others, we can bear, but, unfortunately, suffer from nervousness primarily women themselves. They understand that during pregnancy nervous undesirable, as it may negatively affect the child, but yet nothing to do. How can that be?

Many future moms interested in female consultations allow pregnant women to drink Valerian and often receive from professionals in the affirmative. Of course, drugs of natural origin - effective means of dealing with fears of pregnancy, but before turning to such measures, you should try to solve the problem without medication.

First of all, you need to try to understand yourself. As a rule, all of the nervous feelings arise through the fault of the future mother. Many women in a delicate situation appears overwhelming desire to pour out his heart to everyone who meets them on the way. Sometimes it happens unconsciously. These conversations usually lead to a feeling of even greater anxiety and exposing yourself to excessive chattiness. Not always the words of a pregnant woman arouse surrounding the reaction she expects of them, so you should try to preserve the psychological unity of the mother and her unborn child. Do not let strangers in the world, where the miracle of the birth of a new life.

Pregnant women surrounding try to give as much advice, sometimes providing a disservice. Because an excess of attention often does more harm than good. Caring relatives and friends daily strive to share with pregnant own life experience and information taken from various sources. Undoubtedly, this excessive perseverance can not only calm, but even more to scare the mother, so you should ogranichivatsya from such dialogues. For this purpose it is desirable in General to change the subject of conversation, for example, be asked to advise an interesting movie or book.

During pregnancy it is undesirable to watch thrillers, horror movies and read books with similar subjects, even if previously they were favorites to view and read. Pregnant women should fill your life with positive emotions and try to cultivate a positive attitude. Quiet, peaceful atmosphere will eliminate the need to worry over trifles. Of course, this behavior expectant mother will have a beneficial effect on the development of the child.

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