Fear could be transmitted by inheritance

On the eve of the scientists proved the existence of genetic memory in relation to the phenomenon of fear. It is now known that this phenomenon is not fiction. Children inherit from their parents is not only external and internal signs, but certain fears. This sensational statement was made by the Kerr Roessler Medical center Emory University in Atlanta.

Data were obtained in experiments on laboratory mice. First, rodents instilled a sense of fear of the smell of cherry. It turned out that the next generation showed fear the smell, the first time it faced.

This phenomenon for a long time could not find an explanation, while the scientists did not take the semen analysis mice. In the biological fluid at the genetic level revealed changes associated with stress and fear. Fear influenced the structure of some genes that are later passed to future generations. Thus, the perception of some of the smells were associated with fear. So the scent of a flower was for a small mouse signal danger.

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Scientists believe that the data obtained can be used to treat mental disorders, relieving the patient from them at the genetic level.

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