Favorite foods can you tell us about the nature of man

An unexpected discovery for psychiatrists was the possibility of using data about the preferences of the person in power when creating a psychological portrait.

According to the proposal put forward by the Turkish psychiatrist Nihat Huy, become a sweet tooth more likely in people not receiving enough attention and love from others, so sweet lovers can be considered internally lonely and unhappy.

According to the Russian psychotherapist Vladimir Esaulova, love of dairy products speaks subconsciously feel the lack of concern of others.

Partial to solid fruits and nuts typically are configured to victory and achievement.

"Patients and doctors are fans of some fruits and vegetables. For example, those who loves tomatoes inherent in democracy and generosity. Greater sensitivity and a tendency to experience manifest nature, choosing cucumbers instead of tomatoes.

Shy people prefer beans and cabbage. Don't think your diet without apples and carrots are people with strong psyche

While psychotherapists believe that a diet based on vegetables, adhere not too strong, often retreating in the face of difficulties people.

At the same time, according to scientists, lovers of cooked meat and sausages characteristic assiduity and attention. However, the love of sharp spices, all kinds of marinades and sauces often show hidden tyrants.

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So in the end: the tendency to fatty foods have excessive jealous.

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