Fatty tissue will help plastic surgeons in performing restore operations

The British scientific community are seriously engaged in the use of stem cells in plastic surgery of the face. The main source of cells is the adipose tissue, writes the BBC. First of all, technology is used to restore the shape of the ears and nose. Now doctors say about treatment options microti (congenital little ear).

Today for similar operations in most cases taken the cartilage of the ribs. Unfortunately, the collection of material associated with the formation of scars on the breast. It turns out that restoring the shape of the ear or nose, surgeons injure the chest. If the source is necessary fabric to use fat, you can achieve the best results.

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The developed method consists of two stages. First create a frame in the shape of the body, then it is populated with stem cells, which cover the matrix. With the help of a number of chemical transformations scientists turn stem cells into cartilage cells. This allows you to completely get rid of external pathology.

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