Fatty tissue will help in the treatment of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that is almost impossible to cure. Typically, patients with arthritis every day take analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. A new project with the participation of EU countries will give a chance for patients with this disease on a comfortable life without drugs and surgery.

The project worth 9 million euros, writes The Irish Examiner,is the use of stem cells in adipose tissue of patients and their introduction into the joint cavity. Technology allows you to initiate the regeneration of cartilage. Today, the technique is at an early stage, however, the first results are encouraging scientists. It is likely that this method of treating arthritis in five years will become really popular.

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There is another interesting fact: spironolactone, a traditional remedy against hypertension, helps with diseases of joints, reduces pain syndrome. Side effects of this drug have not.

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