Fatty - sixth taste that distinguishes our language

It has long been known that there are five basic tastes, which distinguishes the human tongue: sweet, sour, salty ,bitter and sharp, now more erudite argue that the sixth taste fatty.

Scientists from the University of Washington say they have identified the receptor for tasting fat taste, the sensitivity of these receptors varies from person to person. The action of the receptor depends on the severity of the gene CD36, a receptor on the tongue detects the presence or absence of fat in the diet and changing the expression of CD36 makes people less or more sensitive to fat in food. If CD36 less than two times, people are less sensitive to fatty eight times.

The ultimate goal of the research is to understand how the perception of fat determines our menu. The propensity for eating fatty foods may be caused by insufficient expression of CD36 gene, among the population of such people is about 20 percent. Probably, their obesity is caused by a low sensitivity to the amount of fat in the product, and therefore the preference is very fatty foods. Change the expression of the gene can help people change the taste and get rid of excess weight without difficulty.

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