Fatty foods can change the chemical composition of the brain

When a person decides to remove from your diet, fatty foods, his brain makes certain changes in the neurochemical plan. Subsequently, these changes lead to the fact that he is imprisoned in an endless cycle of starvation and overeating, reports The Daily Mail.

According to the remark of staff of the University of Montreal, such a diet can produce an effect similar to the so-called "syndrome". This syndrome causes a person severe stress. Dr. Stephanie Fulton reports:

Mice received a different diet for 6 weeks, and the researchers noted changes in their behavior. Diet with foods low in fat relegated to the proportion of fat to 11% of calories, and the diet with more fatty foods - 58%. In the second case, we also observed the increase of waist in rodents by 11 percent.

So, the mouse of the group, sitting on fatty food, showed many symptoms of anxiety that was noticeable on the state of the brain. So, scientists became interested in the level of dopamine. Dopamine - a substance that stimulates us to a certain behavior by emitting a pleasant feeling. This substance operates equally in human and animal organisms.

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The genes responsible for producing the dopamine controlled by a special molecule CREB. It was also found that this molecule is more active in the brain of rodents, consuming fatty foods. Moreover, due to fatty diet in the body of rodents increased the level of stress hormone - corticosterone. It is worth noting that these changes in rodents began even before the beginning of the process of obesity.

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