A group of researchers from the University of Adelaide proved that intake of fatty foods reduces activity of human and sleepy. In total the study involved almost two thousand men aged 30-80 years.

Scientists interviewed the volunteers, after learning about the quality of sleep and the diet of the people, writes Prothom Alo. It turned out that 54% attended the symptoms of sleep apnea as snore or stop breathing. 24% mentioned more serious problems. It turned out that not only chronic diseases, and lifestyles affect the duration and quality of sleep.

Fatty foods leads to disruption of the body's internal clock, the study showed. Consumption of energy-dense foods high in fats require the body's efforts at recycling. The result is drowsiness, usually in the middle of the working day. At night, of course, in this scenario, sleep becomes difficult, too. In the end a person gets into a vicious circle.

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