Fatty acids contained in fish and nuts, do not affect the memory and intellect of a person

American scientists have found that omega-3 fatty acids do not influence the development of intelligence and memory in people often consume foods rich in this connection. His research has been published in the journal Neurology, they denied that this product contained in fish and nuts somehow affects brain activity.

A well-known fact that omega-3 fatty acids have properties such as reduction of cholesterol in the blood, involved in the synthesis of tissue membranes of nerves. Previously it was thought that this compound also affects the processes in the brain: improves memory, accelerates the processes of memorization, and improves the intellect.

The present study, affecting about two thousand volunteers have proven that omega-3 fatty acids do not affect a person's memory. For six years, one part of the subjects always had a high concentration of omega-3 acids, and the other used a moderate number of products containing this substance. Annually, subjects took tests to assess intelligence, which showed no changes and dynamic differences between the two groups. This suggests that omega-3 fatty acids does not affect the processes of memory and remembering.

Scientists note that products such as nuts and fish have a positive effect on many functions of the body. Not necessary to exclude them from your diet as they help fight high cholesterol levels and support state of the internal environment of the organism.

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