Fatigue and stress are the main reasons why men refuse to have sex

According to Australian statistics, one in six men are tempted once or twice a month, and it happens because of stress and ustulata. According to the Sydney Morning Herald: scientists during the year, investigated the state of more than 300 men. Of this amount, half sex desire arose daily, quarter - after about a day or two, and 16% once a month or less. Approximately every sixth pair of women indicators of sexual desire is somewhat higher.

Many of the men whose interest in sex over the past six months decreased, relied mainly on fatigue and stress. These issues were a priority for them - then called causes such as problems in relationships with a partner, illness or taking medicine. Some people use sex as a discharge after a busy day. Others, however, are quite closed.

A decreased desire for the female half of humanity is mainly associated with fatigue, as well as the birth of a baby or reduced levels of estrogen due to menopause or breast-feeding. Men with reduced libido tend to feel shame, in turn, women with high libido feel that they are unloved and rejected.

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