Fatherhood increases the risk of mental disorders in men

Not only women suffer from depression after the birth of a child. For fathers this is also a great stress, which can cause an anxiety disorder. According to research scientists from the Australian national University, the risk of mental disorders in men and women after the birth of a child is the same. It is reported Zee News.

According to statistics, prenatal and post-partum depression affects 10% of men and 20% women. The representatives of the stronger sex is much less likely to come forward with their problems to a psychologist or try to solve it.

Scientists pay attention to the numbers. Up to 20% of the parents suffers from depression or anxiety disorders after giving birth. This is expressed in utvinternet, constant irritability and nervousness. Excessive anxiety over child's health can result in serious violations of the psyche of the parents, physicians consider. The main risk factors of anxiety disorders experts believe the lack of support from the partner, financial problems and initially unstable mental state.

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