Fat does not increase the peel mango

Australian experts have made calculations - if food is to eat a mango with a certain kind, there is the chance for successful weight loss. However, here there is one condition - you just need to eat the skin, and necessarily, on their pages, writes The Times of India.

But after eating "bad" class, can, on the contrary, contribute to weight gain. So, based on the results of studies of the University of Queensland, you should pay close attention to peel mango the following varieties: Us Doc Mai and Irvine. The rind of the above varieties, scientists have discovered compounds that contribute to the inhibition of the formation of fat cells in the human body.

On the contrary, in sort Kensington pride are compounds that increase fat cells faster. According to Mike Gigli (researcher) on the basis of the results of laboratory tests, which were used fat body cells and extracts of peel and pulp of mango, confirm this.

Mike-Gigli convinced: "Two "useful" mango varieties may be useful to create drugs for safe weight reduction, since the "pill" of modernity have a number of very serious side to the body effect.

In the near future, scientists planned to start extraction from the peel of mango active molecules that inhibit the development of fat tissue.

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