Fasting once a month helps improve the body

Starvation - controversial way to lose weight. Not all nutritionists recommend the use of this method. However, scientists Bragg and Shelton are convinced that fasting once a month can significantly improve the body. Fasting and abstinence from food prescribed in the religious literature and is quite a natural process, when viewed from the side of genetics. The doctors ' opinion about fasting ambiguous: some experts do not share the enthusiasm of American researchers.

Recent experiments prove that fasting once a month does not harm the human body. Moreover, abstinence from food for one day significantly reduces the incidence of cardiovascular pathology.

Fasting has a positive effect on patients with bronchial asthma. The marked reduction in seizure frequency and intensity. One fast day even able to strengthen the immune system. Mechanisms, unfortunately, scientists are not listed.

Note that the statements of experts in the field of nutrition is quite different. Some are convinced of the efficacy and safety of the method. However, most doctors believed that it is more useful to follow a sound diet, a balanced amount of energy and nutrients.

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