Fasting may help in the treatment of diabetes

Canadian scientists demonstrated the beneficial effect of periodic fasting on the health of diabetics. Experts believe that the starvation and consequent lifestyle change sick people can help to fight with diabetes of the second type.

Several volunteers-diabetics who agreed to participate in the experiment for ten months practiced periodic fasting under the control of scientists. As it turned out in the course of the experiment, this technique proved to be very effective to alleviate diabetes.

Conducted the study canadian researchers note that the subjects were chosen this pattern of fasting, in which twenty-four-hour refusal of food alternated with two day of normal supply. In the end, the volunteers significantly decreased body weight and no need for complex medicines from diabetes, they have taken the earlier appointment of a doctor. Such high results were a strong argument in favor of therapeutic intermittent fasting, the purpose of which is to get rid of type II diabetes.

Another effective scheme, proposed by medical scientists, it is considered starvation according to the method of 16/8. The gist of it is that a person rotates sixteen-hour period of restricted food intake with eight-hour abstinence from food (so-called "nutritional window"). However, the official status of the recommendations of such medical scheme will be able to purchase only after completion of all the necessary pilot studies and making expert conclusions.

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