Fast food is one of the main causes of breast cancer

A diet rich in fats, increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 28%, according to the daily newspaper The Daily Mail. It's all in the HER2 gene mutations. Scientists have analyzed the causes of hormone-dependent breast cancer and found a link between nutrition, hormonal levels and the risk of developing this disease.

Interestingly, fatty foods does not affect breast cancer is not associated with the hormone and HER2 gene. Opening committed team from the National Institute of tumors in Milan, headed by Dr. Sabine Cieri. Particularly dangerous saturated fats, the sources of which is fried and fast food.

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Note that even in 2013, scientists have linked regular consumption of fast food and increased risk of bowel cancer. Increased blood cholesterol affects the health of the body, in addition, cholesterol has a carcinogenic effect, it accelerates the growth and development of cancer cells. As a result, the tumor is formed faster and metastasizes.

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