Fast food helps the body to recover after exercise

The effectiveness of fast food comparable to dietary supplements for athletes. This is the conclusion of experts from the University of Montana. Only the study involved 12 men athletes. Before the 1.5 hour training session offered them 12 hours without eating, writes The Daily Mail.

The first half of the participants after training received hash Browns and orange juice. After 2 hours, came second phase of the meal - a hamburger, fries and sweet soda. The second group ate after training serving organic peanut butter, chewy cubes Cliff Shot Bloks. Two hours later, a nutrient Cytomax powder and products Powerbar.

Next, the volunteers were tested on the bike. Caloric intake in the groups was similar, in fast food was more fat and sodium in sports food - carbohydrates and proteins.

It turned out that sports nutrition, there is no advantage compared to conventional high-calorie food. The results of the study, the level of glycogen in the two groups did not differ. None of the first group for an upset stomach after eating complained.

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