Fast food destroys the brain of male scientists

Scientists are not the first time say about the dangers of fast food for the human body. A recent study opens a new page - specialists found the effects of fatty foods on the brain men.

If for most women, harmful food are only threatened by increased waist size, that among men there are cases of inflammation of the brain. This picture got scientists in the experiment with laboratory rats.

The first group of animals were fed normally, the second group was fed food cooked in butter. In addition, products for the second group, the researchers added palmitic acid, the concentration of which in some meals from fast food chains through the roof.

At the end of the study, the researchers found in animals of the second group are the signs of inflammation of the brain. The diet lasted for 16 weeks. Moreover, pathological changes in the nervous system were recorded only in males.

Scientists plan to conduct additional research to understand the causes of this strange phenomenon.

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