Fast carbohydrates - one of the reasons for the development of depression

Many people believe that a bad mood and depression can "jam" with the help of sweets and pastries. The use of a large number vysokouglevodnye food - one of the consequences of the presence of the spleen the modern man. However, a study conducted on the eve of the American scientists from Harvard University, argues that carbohydrates cause depression in some cases.

A long-term study confirms that women who use a large number of fast carbs (chips, pasta, bread, red meat), faced with the depression 41% more often.

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To maintain your mood high and keep yourself in hand, nutritionists advise to stick to a healthy diet: go for a slow carbohydrates, fish, vegetarian food. Do not deny yourself small pleasures: a Cup of coffee in the morning and evening glass of wine will not harm a healthy person.

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