Fascination with TV shows lead to sleep disorder

The data obtained as a result organized by the University of Leuven research show about the negative effects of "binge" Hobbies series on sleep quality and overall health. The thing is a sharp increase in the level of so-called cognitive activity.

About eighty percent of young people who participated in studies, fond of TV series and often watched the series for series almost without interruption. The other twenty percent of the volunteers did this at least several times throughout the week during the past month.

Participants overly keen on viewing the television series, much more often expressed complaints of difficulty in order to sleep normally. The quality of their sleep while in ninety-eight percent of cases were significantly lower than those of similar inclination to the series entertained.

Earlier, a group of American scientists found that continuous viewing of TV shows is one of the characteristic features of developing depression. Being in a bad mood, people are often able to have a few hours or days at a time, often neglecting official duties and his own family.

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