Farmers in China satiate the apples deadly health connections

In China grows in strength the next so-called food scandal. Based on the results of the audit in Shandong province, the facts of use of special bags with pesticides. They were covered apples, for the protection of trees from the weather and insects, reported Xinhua.

Usually very similar bags, but without the presence of any chemical substances inside, used for covering the trees during spraying over the gardens of pesticides. "In connection with the use of dangerous procedures already initiated an investigation," says Jan Lijiang, head of the Shandong Bureau of agriculture Department inspection of pesticides.

For the first time on hazardous talking apples back in September of last year. Yes, and before 2010, based on official data, in some farms inside the bags was added to the diluted pesticide, also including asomat, tuzet. The above compounds are recognized worldwide carcinogenic.

Officials immediately with haste began to reassure consumers: "the availability of apples pesticides do not exceed established in the country norms. Also no reports about the problems that are associated with the shipment 217 thousand tons of apples in 2011, they had not received".

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The farmers can't understand why pesticides from experts and ordinary people have raised concerns. In their opinion - just simply Apple to wipe, because, they argue, the chemical compounds inside of the fruit do not penetrate.

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