Fans read the Scriptures of the brain remains active until his death

American researchers in the study concluded that the implementation of written exercises and reading books have a beneficial effect on memory in the elderly. More detailed results of the research published in the journal "Neurology".

In a scientific experiment took part 294 person every year who answered the questions in the tests, allowing to assess their cognitive function and memory. The experiment ran for approximately 6 years before the death of each participant, and their average age was it. Study participants answered questions related to their life periods devoted to active reading, Scripture and participate in useful for other mental activity classes.

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After the participant of the experiment died, his brain was subjected to necropsy for determination of physical indicators of dementia. In the result, it was found that among the lovers of the Scriptures and reading thinking activity was 15 percent less reduced than those who throughout his life was not engaged in "mental exercise". In addition, decreased mental abilities of the participants in the experiment, which in the last years of his life he read a lot and wrote, occurred in 32 percent slower compared to those volunteers who gave your brain a medium load. In addition, the study participants, who rarely wrote and read in the course of his life, the process of decline of cognitive function was 48 percent faster than lovers of reading and writing.

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