Fans of large Breasts plastic surgeons Britain declared war

Doctors approved a ban on the use of specific techniques aimed at increasing breast, reported by BBC. We are talking about injecting Macrolane filler. The filler provides patients the opportunity to increase their bust in just a few minutes.

A recent study conducted by the British Association of plastic surgeons, gave the following results: 25% of the members of the Association after the introduction of the filler was faced with complications. Experts expressed caution injections may adversely affect the results of screening for breast cancer detection.

The manufacturer of the filler - Q-Med, in turn, claims that almost all of the procedures associated with breast augmentation will certainly affect mammography. Meanwhile, the Agency for regulation of medical devices and pharmaceuticals formed a clear position - Macrolane is a real hindrance to decrypt mammography, which is very difficult diagnosis. The filler is completely safe.

It should be noted that for the last time Macrolane as a minimally invasive method of improving the appearance of quite actively promoted in the market. In total, after a loud scandal over substandard breast implants PIP, with respect to the operations of plastic nature has become the most strict.

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